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Isocratic Logo with motto, Discimus Agere Agendo.  A shield with an italisized "i" inside laurel wreath on either side

Our Name

Why Isocratic?
We take our name from the famous Athenian philosopher. Isocrates was an influential teacher in Classical Athens and a champion of education reform. He challenged the status quo of his day and embraced the most forward-thinking approaches to reaching and engaging with his pupils. Isocrates knew that education was the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant society. We honour the spirit of Isocrates and pride ourselves in following his bold example.

Like Isocrates, we recognize that education is one of the most important pillars of a just and equitable world. And what an exciting time it is for education: new technologies allow us to create and disseminate knowledge in ways that Isocrates could never have dreamed of centuries ago. Although the tools we employ may be new, the spirit that drives us is as old as Isocrates’ ideals. We are dedicated to helping you offer the highest quality education possible to your students or members. We look forward to working with you to build the tools and deliver the educational experiences that will contribute to creating a better world.  


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Our Approach

While we recognize there is no single approach that suitable for all contexts and all projects, there are key practices that are foundational to our strategies for supporting your needs.


Learner Access and Equity

Universal design principles are fundamentally woven into all our work. For us, this means moving beyond basic technical accessibility requirements. This philosophy ranges from integrating pedagogical strategies that make representation and learning more inclusive, such as providing multiple means of representation for all leaners, to ensuring the use of student-centered strategies that focus on providing individuals with both choice and a voice in their learning. By doing so, we not only ensure we are forming creative, active and engaged learning communities, but we are also designing for inclusive learning communities

Learning and Development

When it comes to pedagogy and proven practices, as our motto suggests, we believe in active, engaged learning. Our solutions put clients and learners at the centre of constructing their own knowledge. They are not passive recipients or empty vessels waiting to be ‘filled.’

We work across the spectrum of delivery modes: from face-to-face learning environments to Apps, to fully online courses and programs. While some components of one method of delivery might be used in another, careful attention needs to be given to difference. Each method should be respected for what is; in order to maximize the available learning opportunities and facilitate ease-of-use.

Technology can be used to enhance any type of learning environment. To maximize its utility, technology should first and foremost, should be selected based on its ability to enhance teaching and learning. Using technology to create the most fulfilling educational journey is the driving factor behind our course design choices. By placing pedagogy at the centre of design decisions, we can assure you that we are delivering learning experiences that are both engaging and educationally meaningful.

We believe engagement strategies are an essential driver for project development. One such strategy to motivate learners is to use visually vibrant experiences combined with mindful guidance. We capitalize on the power of media-driven ’story-telling‘ that is relevant for your learners via media technologies that are in alignment with your project’s pedagogical needs.

Your learners live in a world of choices. They expect choices in their learning environments. Isocratic will provide that for them. Why? Because we know that when students choose the path to their success, they are more engaged. Our experience shows us that this strategy is  effective:  students' learning becomes personalized situated. It is situated both in the present context of the learner, as well as in the context of what they are striving to achieve upon completion of their learning goals.  



Our team looks at quality through several different lenses
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Research-Driven Design 

Our design methods and processes are informed by proven practices from respected literary and other industry-based sources.

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Web Design & Accessibility

Our products meet and exceed government accessibility requirements. For example, HTML5 and CSS are implemented in courses online environments using industry-standard web tools.

Various forms of educational technology
Educational Technology

The selection and integration of educational technology is based on data and experience-driven lessons documented in the literature and considers the needs of both instructors and learners.

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Learner Support

Our products put your learners at the center of our design, ensuring they are fully supported regarding technology, product/course navigation, and learning expectations. Wherever possible, academic, wellness, and other support services are also integrated in a clear and easy-to-locate manner. All learners deserve to feel connected to a community and have access to the help they need.

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Continuous Quality Improvement

We engaging engage in continuous quality improvement based on learner, instructor, and client feedback from current and past projects, as well as from academic and most current sources. Additionally, the project we will build for you will be informed by Quality Matters, an industry-recognized set of instructional design standards.


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Isocratic Educational Services uses the latest learning technologies and specializes in the design, development, and deployment of teaching and training, and learning experiences.